“…for you, your family, and those who are far off.”

Our Purpose

In the Bible in Acts chapter 2, Peter, who was an eye witness of Jesus the risen Savior, was speaking to those who are responsible for his death. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Peter calls these people to turn from their Godless living, be baptized and trust Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins. The people surrendered their lives to Jesus and Peter said, “This promise is for you, for your family and for those who are far off.”

That is the mission of District Church. Each one of us at some point were far from God, didn’t have it all together, and still the promise of forgiveness and the hope of having a life-giving relationship with Jesus, were for us. The same is true for your life. There’s nothing in your life, that you’ve done, that could keep you from the love of Jesus.

It’s that hope that drives us to share the life-giving message of Jesus with you, your family, and with those who are far from God.

That’s our purpose and we’d love to help you discover yours!