New Seating Updates!

We’re so excited about the growth that is happening in our church right now!  Growth stretches our faith and creates opportunity to make some sacrifices to make room for others. What an exciting time!

Jesus made a simple invite to those around him, “Come and see!” He invites us to do the same. Everyone of us should have someone in our lives that we’re praying for and believe that God would use us to make a difference in their lives. So the question is…

Whom do you know in your life that needs a seat?


Would you be willing to sacrifice a little to put their name on it?

Here’s what to expect when you buy a seat:

We’ll reach out to you to get the name or names of people you’re praying for. We’ll create a magnetic plaque and stick it on the seat you’ve generously provided. Our hope is that someday your friend will come to church and you’ll be able to walk them to the seat you paid for and say…I’ve been praying that you would come to church! 

We’re not asking you to buy your seat! We are not season ticket holders…we are owners, and we will do whatever it takes to share the hope of Jesus with everyone possible.


PAY for a seat for a loved one of a neighbor.

PRAY and invite them to experience Jesus.

PREPARE to watch God use you to see someone take one step closer to Jesus!