Guatemala Village Transformation

Updates from the Team:

Update #3 (5/1)

Today’s trip started off traveling in cattle cars….. The trip through the villages are most  memorable.

We asked the locals to direct us to the homes that are the the furthest away. We were not prepared for the treacherous terrain. It took us nearly an hour to get down the hill knowing that it would take us longer to get back up. We came upon a home where Betolina a mother of 9 children (6 who who still lived with her) who was delighted to see us. She invited us in her home and welcomed us with a hug and a smile.

After nearly 10 minutes of sharing our story we asked her if there  was any thing that we could pray for her. She began telling us a story about her 30-year-old son who had fallen on the steep terrain and was crushed by a bolder. His name is Basileo and he has not been able to walk for nearly 3 years.

She then let us into his bedroom which had no ventilation whatsoever at all as it felt more or  less like a sauna above 100°. He was a feeble  70 pounds and looked as if he had severe malnutrition…..

After walking nearly 45 minutes down a very steep hill we knew this challenge would not be easy. We also were concerned because Hope of life because they only offer hospitals for the elderly, mentally disabled, and babies.

As we finished praying for this young man his mother plead out to God in Spanish as she cried begging to save his life. This is something I’ve always envisioned mother Mary doing as Jesus was nailed on the cross. There was not a dry eye in the room.

Claudia, our guide from Hope of Life, was instrumental in getting permission to bring back this young man Basilio.

Praise the Lord is all we’ve been saying all afternoon.

Matt, Cindy, Robert and Cynthia were instrumental in caring this young man back up the hill in a hammock.

We are hoping his mother will come too.

They are in route the hospital now…. 3 words…..Thank you Jesus!

P.S. The children were unbelievably well mannered and so eager to follow us, help us, and learn from us! They enjoyed every minute of the water color activity. Sam, John, Abagail, Allie, and Jen were instrumental in leading the activities and making sure all the kids were included and enjoying themselves. We heard nothing but laughter and joy as they sat in the cool shade with a light breeze getting as creative as possible. The parents were blessed that the kids were learning and the Cleveland children are amazing role models and leaders for their groups. God’s donations were well received and enjoyed!

God’s work is coming along nicely.

The new septic tank is underway, the Pavilion is underway, the new toilets and bathrooms are underway, the exterior of the old school has been painted, and we’re working on finishing the interior of the schools. Lots of work has been completed in just two days, very exciting!

Update #2 (4/30)

The photos below are the Village School upon arrival. Tomasa greeted us upon arrival. We were welcomed by the locals. The kids loved the stickers and loved playing soccer inside one of the buildings.

They are digging the sewer well so the toilets can flush.

1/3 of the concrete is poured for the construction of the pavilion in the center of the school. The painting has began, and they’re working hard on finishing digging the septic tank  for the new toilets.

Everyone worked hard today and it was hot….!

We were lucky enough to learn about baby in the Village in  desperate need of hospitalization. Jorge was suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, and severe respiration problems. Jorge and his mother and his mother’s sister and two-year-old are all in route to the hospital at Hope of life with us.

We are so blessed we asked around to see if they knew anyone who was sick.

Update #1 (4/28)

Carlos Vargas(Founder of Hope of Life) inherited poverty when he was born in Zacapa, Guatemala in 1952. Due to his innate entrepreneurship he processed a strong desire to get ahead and become a successful businessman. At age 16 he went to the United States to become a successful businessman all the while finding his relationship and path with Jesus. After 20 years of living in the United States he became very ill with gout. Carlos realized he could no longer walk or use his hands so he moved back to Guatemala where he would spend his final days. As a businessman he made a deal with God and said if you heal me I will give all my earnings for the good of the people in Guatemala. Carlos was walking within 3 days….

This is how Hope of Life began. He bought his first acre and built a hospital for the mentally ill that were being sexually abused.

This evolved into him purchasing 3000 acres. Hope Of Life offers a hospital for the mentally ill, elderly, a children’s hospital for children with mental disabilities, and a four-story hospital that now aids babies that are in critical need of care.

In sharing our story with Carlos about going to Volcancito Abajo that Reid and CJ chose he has asked us to bring back any sick babies or children to Hope Of Life that we may see. No one from World Help and Hope of Life has yet been to this particular Village.

Our hearts are open and are excited about going to the Village tomorrow. Stay tuned……

We are so excited to transform a village in Guatemala. Below are the dates of our three trips:

Water Transformation // School Transformation // Church Transformation

April 27 – May 4, 2019 // July 20 – 27, 2019 // September 14-21, 2019 (Still open)

$1,215/person + airfare*

*$100/person discount for families of 3 or more

The above trip cost does not include the roundtrip ticket to and from Guatemala City (estimated at $1,200/person).   World Help works with an experienced travel agent to secure group space with the airlines.  Once the flight itinerary of choice is confirmed, we will have a more accurate final ticket cost, though taxes and fees will be subject to change up until the time of ticket purchase.  The tickets will be purchased and finalized 60-90 days before the trip.

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