2019-2020 Missions

Jeff Lee – Guatemala 2019

If you have ever thought about taking a missions trip to a country outside the USA, you probably also came up with at least a few reasons why you shouldn’t go. If so, you are not alone! As you read through Jeff’s testimony you’ll see, sometimes the pros outweigh the cons in a BIG way! 

Jeff’s testimony:

Wow, don’t really know where to begin. Anyone and everyone that I spoke to, told me how it would be life changing.  If that could be an understatement, it should be.  To be able to have God guide you and use you in this way is absolutely amazing.

I wasn’t one that had ever considered a mission trip,  I liked my little bubble.  We were at a service and Pastor Chris was speaking, it hit home! My wife and I decided that afternoon, that a mission trip was in our future.

Did we know that our family of four would be traveling to Guatemala within the year…umm, no!  As it approached I honestly wanted to bug out…trying to come up with any excuse possible.  I knew in my heart I needed, to go, it would be so good for all of us.

Fear of the unknown kept creeping in, people that didn’t know us and had no idea what we were doing fed us with fear for our family – how could you take your kids to Guatemala?!

Yeah, we went and it was amazing!  It’s funny though, I went with the wrong intention.  I was making it about myself, what could I bring to the people of this little village on the top of a mountain.  What I got in return was so much more.  Each night we would meet and reflect with our group.

On one of those nights, someone asked, did anyone see God doing His work?  The response from all of us, was where did you not see His work?  It’s truly that amazing! The people of this village literally have nothing, yet they have everything.  

The development of the friendship over a week was amazing.  I wanted to build a kitchen, playground and a house…I helped. But what was even better is just the relationships that were started.

God used us to do His work, not only on the mission trip itself. The travel to get there, the people you meet along the way and the ones we continue to meet.  It is all God’s work.  

We posted our story on facebook, how could we not!  I know of two families that have now joined our church on the hill, they followed our journey and lived it through us.

I don’t know that I have found my true purpose yet, but I do know this mission trip helped guide and direct me on a path that I’m currently following. Don’t know where it will end up, but it’s been amazing so far! – Jeff Lee