Move In!

This past Sunday night we hosted our first ever vision night for this new season of ministry and were just blown away by the turnout. We expected 150 but had 320 people show up! There was a tangible excitement and anticipation for what God has in store for this new season!

We cast a clear vision for what God has called us to do as a church and how we can better serve our community moving forward. We dreamed about lives being changed and we hope that you’ll dream with us in making an eternal impact in our region.

Through this partnership our weekend experiences are going to be geared towards attracting God first, attracting outsiders second, and as always, encouraging you on your journey with Jesus. We’re going to see our Small Group ministry grow and become healthier. We’re going to get better at implementing leaders into action through our Growth Track. Lastly, we’re going to continue to live open-handedly with radical generosity!

So far we’ve raised almost $114,000 towards our $330,000 goal! We’re calling this our Move In Budget. Where is this money going? Check out the image below to see!

We’re seeing incredible generosity with this and are just asking you to pray about what you can do to help us see this dream come to pass.

LASTLY, SO FAR WE’VE GIVEN $10,280 to Hurricane relief this month! The best investment you’ll ever make is the investment into eternity!